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13 - Ephesians - Imitators of God
Dan Fryer
Today we open Chapter 5 of Ephesians (v1-16). The author Paul reminds us that we are saints, children of God, viewed by God through the filter of Christ as cleansed, clothed in pure white, so we press away those things that would bring a stain! This message is part 13 of 19.
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  • Recorded: 14/10/2018
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12b - Ephesians - Stepping into the New Life
Joshua Davies
Joshua continues last week's theme of Pauls' exhortation to embrace the new image we have in Christ and live as a new creation! (Chapter 4: 25-32) This message is part 12b of 19.
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12a - Ephesians - Stepping into the New Life
Dan Fryer
We carry on today with our Ephesians series (Chapter 4: 17-24). Are we, as followers of Christ, choosing to embrace the new image and live as a new creation? This message is part 12 of 19.
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  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
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11 - Ephesians - Gifts for Purpose
Steve Whittington
God has provided many gifts to build his church. Today Steve carries on with our Ephesians series by looking at these gifts and what purpose they serve in Jubilee and the wider church. Chapter 4: 7-16. This message is part 11 of 19.
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10 - Ephesians - Working for Oneness
Dan Fryer
Today we move onto Ephesians chapter 4. Dan takes us through verses 1 - 6 and calls us to look at how scripture teaches us that we are to work at keeping our unity as a church community of brothers and sisters in Christ! Part 10 of 19.
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Finding Freedom From Drug Addiction
Luke Selway
Today Luke Selway, director of the Inside Out Rehab charity, shared his own story of finding freedom from drug addiction. Luke also shared about Jubilee’s partnership in Hull. A parnership established to help those who find themselves in the grip of addictive behaviour and are looking for a way out!
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07 - Ephesians - Identity
Alison Mackay
Christians are the temple of God, belonging to the visible church is not an optional for followers of Christ. The gathering of God’s people is the place where God chooses to meet with his people on joyful worship and fellowship. What does being part of this community look like at Jubilee? Part 7 of 19.
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  • Recorded: 22/07/2018
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06 - Ephesians - United in Christ
Steve Whittington
Through Christ there is peace between both Jew and Gentile as we become the one united people of God. The wall of hostility has been broken and we are ‘one new man’. Do you know what it means to be part of that united people and do you live in a way which keeps such unity? Part 6 of 19.
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Transforming Lives for Good
Tim Morfin
Tim Morfin - CEO of Bradford based charity Transforming Lives for Good (TLG), speaks on the work of his charity in transforming the lives of young people. In 2019 Jubilee Church Hull will be working alongside TLG by opening our own classroom/support centre! Listen to find out more...
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05 - Ephesians - But God
Sue Wilson
We were heading for eternal separation from God due to our disobedience. However, where we failed, Jesus succeeded, living a sinless life and going to the cross on our behalf. God broke into our lives when we were helpless and by grace saved us. We have been saved to now live the way God always intended. Do we live in the good of that grace today? Part 5 of 19.
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