CHurch Life 

We understand it can be a daunting thing to visit a church for the first time, and so at Jubilee we try to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible by letting you know exactly what is going on.

What to Expect

Jubilee Central opens on a Sunday from 9:45am with tea, coffee and various snacks being served. The meeting begins at 10:30am and usually follows the following format:

The meeting starts with an introductory welcome, before we sing some songs of worship that are led by our worship team. Following this is a brief welcome and news section that will include an opportunity to give money to the work of the church. This is mainly for people who come regularly to Jubilee and so if you are new, feel no pressure to give. The speaker for that week will then give a relevant, Bible-based talk. We often finish the meeting by singing together and offering an opportunity for people to be prayed for.

The whole service lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. Afterwards there is plenty of opportunity to chat to others as tea and coffee is served again in the foyer.


We are a church that welcomes students. Attending University or College is a unique opportunity for God to use you. We also understand how being a student can be full of challenges and uncertainties.We hope Jubilee will be a place where you feel part of a family, where you can be supported, equipped and trained and caught up in our vision to reach out to Hull and ultimately the nations of the world.

Jubilee Church’s student team is exciting about getting to know you, helping you through your time as a student. We’re planning a varied and exciting programme of activities for all our students and twenties this year including adopt a student scheme, lunches and socials as well as helping you feel part of our church family. We also run a monthly evening service on a Sunday aimed at those in their teens and twenties called Overflow.


We are a church committed to welcoming and involving children in our life as a church. On a Sunday morning we provide additional facilities for all children from 0-10. These facilities are described below:

Parents/carers with children from 0-9 months can make use of our Wilberforce Lounge. This is next to our main hall and has comfy seating, a selection of toys and a live video feed from the main meeting. There is also a toilet with baby-changing facilities. You are welcome to feed your babies in this room.

Our kids work at Jubilee is called Explorers. This is a place where our children can have fun and learn about following Jesus together. We have activities every Sunday which begin at 10:50am and run until 11:40 when the children rejoin us in the service. We have three age ranges for our Explorers:

Explorers Crawling - 3 years (not yet started pre-school).

Our play area is zoned so there are a variety of toys and books to play with. There is also a collective time which includes a Bible story and an activity. We are happy for you to either stay with your child or leave him/her with the children's workers who are serving that morning.

Explorers 4-6 years & Explorers 7-11 years 

Children in these age ranges stay with their parents in the worship until 11am, before going out to their groups. It is a fully staffed facility run by enthusiastic and committed volunteers. The mornings program will consist of games, Bible stories. worship songs, craft and accessable teaching. We have a name card system which requires parents to drop-off their child, retain their card and then pick the child up by producing the card).

Jubilee operates a strict child protection policy and all our volunteer children's workders are DBS checked. We have produced our own Child Protectiob Policy and copies are available from the church office, and are also held by the Church Child Protection Advisory Service.

We believe every child is important and hope each one throughly benefits from our children's ministry.

If your child has special or additional needs and you would like them to be involved, please contact us to discuss the best ways in which we can support you and your child.

For more information about the Kid's Ministry, events and activities, please contact the church office.


At Jubilee we are passionate about making disciples and want to see our young people choosing to follow Jesus, become part of the church and then go to the world with the message of Jesus. Please see below the activities we have for those aged 11-18.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - Running every Friday evening (7.30-9pm) during term time at Jubilee Central, ‘Friday Night Live’ is loud, messy and a lot of fun. We have games, sports, crafts and so much more and really is the place to be to build friendships, have a great laugh and explore the Christian faith. This group is for anyone in secondary school and is free of charge (although you may want a few pennies for the tuck shop!).

As well as all this we have Overflow, our monthly evening service aimed at teens and those in their twenties.

For more information about youth activities please contact: Dan Fryer on 07929 010579

Over 50s – New Horizons

A fun and friendly group for older people.Meeting the first Thursday of each month at Jubilee Central 1pm.


At Jubilee Church we value prayer, we know that we are reliant on God for everything, and that we can call on Him to intervene in situations that we are facing as individuals and as a Church.


From before the beginning of Jubilee we have seen God move in incredible ways in answer to our prayers; he has sent us people, buildings, finance and spoken to us many times about his plans for us. We therefore want to create as many opportunities for prayer as possible. We offer prayer at the end of most of our Sunday morning meetings, hold a monthly prayer meeting on the first Sunday of the month, and begin the academic and calendar years with a week of prayer and fasting.

We often pray for individuals who are not involved in our church. Please contact us if you would like us to pray for you individually. To find out when our next prayer meeting is visit our calendar.

Count me in!

Although the Bible does not talk about church membership by name, it does make a clear difference between those who are part of the church family, and those who are just looking in (1 Corinthians 5:12 and 1 John 2:19). Early church practice was, it seems, to formally receive people into fellowship with the church (Galatians 2:9).

The Bible knows nothing of solitary Christianity, but assumes that all Christians will be actively committed to a local church. Therefore when people have been amongst us in our church life for a few weeks or months, and have had a chance to gain a first impression of Jubilee, we encourage them to attend our “Jubilee Newbies” Group. This group gives people the chance to find out about the vision for the church, meet some of the church leaders, build friendship with other new people in the church, and help them decide whether Jubilee is the church family God intends for them. We also encourage everyone to attend an Alpha “Away” day as part of this process, which focuses on our teaching about the Holy Spirit.