If you have just joined the church and are looking for ways to get involved with the church, we hope that you will find the links in the connect section useful. We aim to get everyone plugged in and feeling part of the church family as quickly as possible. Some ways you might do this are through our Growth Groups. These run each week at Jubilee and around homes in our region. If you are a new Christian or just joined the church, we recommend the Alpha Course. We also have a number of social groups called Connect Groups which meet regularly which are great places to make friends and have fun.

Equally, if you are part of the Jubilee Church family the connect section is where you will find all the latest information to do with church life. Make sure you keep an eye on the Church News feed and the Calendar page as they will keep you up to date with all we have going on! Plus, if you have been to an event at Jubilee recently make sure you look out for yourself in our Event Photos. 

Don’t forget you can catch up with the latest preaches online by visiting our Sermons page.